Shadow Puppet Lesson Plans

Shadow Puppet Activity Ideas

English & Language Arts

  • Practice reading aloud from a book or poem
  • Summarize a story describing beginning, middle and end
  • Diagram a sentence or describe grammar rules
  • Create an infomercial for a make-believe product
  • Describe the steps of how to make something
  • Practice spelling by sounding out words


  • Practice counting using the tap-to-highlight pointer
  • Find geometric shapes, angles, or fractions around the classroom
  • Explain the steps to solve a math problem
  • Show how make a graph from a set of data
  • Explain how to count money
  • Teach someone how to tell time


  • Document an experiment and explain results
  • Explain a cell diagram or frog dissection
  • Describe the lifecycle of a plant, habitat of an animal or structure of an element
  • Compare the planets in solar system or the world’s different biomes
  • Use images to explain concepts that are hard to access inside the classroom

History & Social Studies

  • Create mock advertisements for historical services
  • Tell what you would do if you were president
  • Share the history of a city, state or country
  • Pretend to be a historical figure and share your thoughts on an issue
  • Summarize a historical event describing beginning, middle and end


  • Explain the meaning of a drawing, painting, photograph or sculpture
  • Give a report on a famous artist or art movement
  • Color & form photo scavenger hunt
  • Make a portfolio of the year’s projects and create a virtual museum of the class’ work
  • Create technique tutorials or how-to videos

Foreign Language

  • Use new vocabulary in a creative story
  • Read a news article or story written in the language and summarize it
  • Explain how to conjugate verbs
  • Diagram sentences, explain and read them aloud
  • Make personalized flashcards
  • Describe weekend plans in the language