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See How Other Teachers Use Shadow Puppet

Reflecting on Art Projects in Elementary School

I love that using Shadow Puppet combines art, literacy and technology into one great piece of work.”

Lys Olson, 1st – 6th Grade Art Teacher

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Science Videos for Flipped Classroom

Shadow Puppet completely changed the way I share concepts with my students. Now I create customized content easily.”

Heather Green, 7th – 8th Grade Science Teacher

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Learning and Practicing Using Foreign Language

Getting students to speak aloud is one of my biggest challenges. Shadow Puppet helped get them excited about speaking.”

Gabrielle Schoppa, 7th – 8th Grade French Teacher

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Third Graders Record Books for Classroom Listening Center

Shadow Puppet is hands on. It pushes my students to go beyond just regurgitation of information, and they love it.”

Lindsay Carriere, 3rd Grade Teacher

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Creating Multimedia Personal Essays in High School

Using Shadow Puppet, the students were able to visualize and refine their message. They told better stories as a result.

Scott Walker, Tech Integration Specialist

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First Graders Share Findings from an Experiment

The reason I like to use Shadow Puppet is because it is so simple. There’s no guesswork. It’s pretty foolproof”

Jennifer Malloy, 1st Grade Teacher

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K – 6 Students Read Aloud & Document Field Trips

Shadow Puppet is nice because it’s simple but versatile. I like an app that we can apply across subjects and use for multiple activities.”

Zack Linson, Tech Integration Specialist

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