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Create videos in the classroom with Shadow Puppet Edu

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Shadow Puppet App for iPhone and iPad. Simple slideshow app. Educational app for digital storytelling, Help students meet Common Core by using technology in lessons or easily create videos for a flipped classroom.

Create Custom Videos, Slideshows or Presentations

Combine Photos & Videos

Use photos and video clips from camera roll, photo stream, or albums.

Add Narration & Music

Record voice over, add songs from iTunes, or choose background music.

Overlay Text & Draw on Screen

Use the Text tool to add titles on your videos. Draw on screen with colors or emoji. Zoom in/out, pan and swipe between pages.

Common Core Aligned Ideas

Find activities for English, math, science, history, art, and foreign language in the app. More info >>

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Search the Web for Images

Easily add images from Library of Congress, NASA, Flickr Creative Commons and the web to your videos. Safe search filters are in place. Option to disable web search. More info >>

Share Easily

Share with the class and parents. No app needed to view. Or embed videos on a website or blog.

Export Videos

Videos automatically save to camera roll. Export in HD. Upload to YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

All Features Unlocked

Free and full featured for classroom use. Use up to 100 items per video and record up to 30 minutes.

Free Download! Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

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See How Other Teachers Use Shadow Puppet

Reflecting on Art Projects in Elementary School

I love that using Shadow Puppet combines art, literacy and technology into one great piece of work.”

Lys Olson, 1st – 6th Grade Art Teacher

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Science Videos for Flipped Classroom

Shadow Puppet completely changed the way I share concepts with my students. Now I create customized content easily.”

Heather Green, 7th – 8th Grade Science Teacher

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Learning and Practicing Using Foreign Language

Getting students to speak aloud is one of my biggest challenges. Shadow Puppet helped get them excited about speaking.”

Gabrielle Schoppa, 7th – 8th Grade French Teacher

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Third Graders Record Books for Classroom Listening Center

Shadow Puppet is hands on. It pushes my students to go beyond just regurgitation of information, and they love it.”

Lindsay Carriere, 3rd Grade Teacher

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Creating Multimedia Personal Essays in High School

Using Shadow Puppet, the students were able to visualize and refine their message. They told better stories as a result.

Scott Walker, Tech Integration Specialist

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First Graders Share Findings from an Experiment

The reason I like to use Shadow Puppet is because it is so simple. There’s no guesswork. It’s pretty foolproof”

Jennifer Malloy, 1st Grade Teacher

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K – 6 Students Read Aloud & Document Field Trips

Shadow Puppet is nice because it’s simple but versatile. I like an app that we can apply across subjects and use for multiple activities.”

Zack Linson, Tech Integration Specialist

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Shadow Puppet Activity Ideas

Find more Common Core-aligned activity ideas inside the app

English & Language Arts

  • Practice reading aloud from a book or poem
  • Summarize a story describing beginning, middle and end
  • Diagram a sentence or describe grammar rules
  • Create an infomercial for a make-believe product
  • Describe the steps of how to make something
  • Practice spelling by sounding out words


  • Practice counting using the tap-to-highlight pointer
  • Find geometric shapes, angles, or fractions around the classroom
  • Explain the steps to solve a math problem
  • Show how make a graph from a set of data
  • Explain how to count money
  • Teach someone how to tell time


  • Document an experiment and explain results
  • Explain a cell diagram or frog dissection
  • Describe the lifecycle of a plant, habitat of an animal or structure of an element
  • Compare the planets in solar system or the world’s different biomes
  • Use images to explain concepts that are hard to access inside the classroom

History & Social Studies

  • Create mock advertisements for historical services
  • Tell what you would do if you were president
  • Share the history of a city, state or country
  • Pretend to be a historical figure and share your thoughts on an issue
  • Summarize a historical event describing beginning, middle and end


  • Explain the meaning of a drawing, painting, photograph or sculpture
  • Give a report on a famous artist or art movement
  • Color & form photo scavenger hunt
  • Make a portfolio of the year’s projects and create a virtual museum of the class’ work
  • Create technique tutorials or how-to videos

Foreign Language

  • Use new vocabulary in a creative story
  • Read a news article or story written in the language and summarize it
  • Explain how to conjugate verbs
  • Diagram sentences, explain and read them aloud
  • Make personalized flashcards
  • Describe weekend plans in the language

Web Image Search Expands Video Making Possibilities

Built-in image search makes it easy to create videos, even when you don’t have the right images on your device. Find the perfect images to include in history reports, science concept explanations, and more.

From the image selection screen, search the vast image catalogs of the Library of Congress, NASA, Flickr Creative Commons, Yahoo Web Image Search, or Giphy Animated GIF Search.

From there, select images to include just as if they were in your camera roll. Quick and easy!

Shadow Puppet App: Use built-in image search to search Library of Congress, NASA, Flickr Creative Commons, Yahoo and Giphy for images and animated gifs to use in your videos.

Great content from the Library of Congress, NASA and more now at your fingertips!

Shadow Puppet App: Use built-in image search to search Library of Congress, NASA, Flickr Creative Commons, Yahoo and Giphy for images and animated gifs to use in your videos.

Image credits are automatically added to videos.

Simple Image Citation

When you share or export, image credits are automatically added to the end of all videos that include web images, so students can learn about citing their sources. Image citation is on by default and can be disabled in the Shadow Puppet settings menu.

Safe Search & Option to Disable Search

We have strict safe search filters in place to keep inappropriate content out of the classroom.

Administrators can disable web image search (web image, animated gif, Flickr Creative Commons) and educational image search (Library of Congress, NASA) in the device Settings app.


Third grade students create an informative, persuasive video using photos from image search and drawings.

Supports the Common Core

Shadow Puppet can be incorporated across your curriculum to support these Common Core State Standards. Check out the 20+ Common Core aligned activity ideas inside the app!

Easily Create Video Lessons for Flipped Classroom

Shadow Puppet is simple, straightforward and extremely versatile, which makes it a great tool for teachers.

It’s fast and easy to create the lesson materials you need with Shadow Puppet:

  • Create mini-lessons for blended learning
  • Explain a complicated concept with the help of images
  • Develop a more engaging prompt for an assignment or class discussion
  • Provide an example of a final project for your students


Create customized lesson videos tailored to the learning level of your students in just minutes.

Printables to Help You Get Started with Shadow Puppet

Quick Start Guide

Learn Shadow Puppet basics before using the app in class with your students.
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Activity Ideas Overview

A printable version of our activities to help you brainstorm how to use the app with your students.
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Storyboard Worksheet

This worksheet helps students plan what images they’ll use and what they will say in their videos.
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