Combine Photos & Voice into Fun Videos!

Shadow Puppet is fast and fun way tell a story, explain an idea, or send a personalized video message

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This app is really special in that it goes way beyond just keeping the kids entertained; this is an app that could enhance their gratitude, creativity, or education depending on how they choose to use it.

- Cool Mom Tech

Shadow Puppet completely changed the way I share concepts with my students. The videos I make are so much more engaging and they can use them to learn at their own pace.

- Heather Green, 7th Grade Teacher

Turn Your Photos into Video Stories that Come to Life

Turn Photos into Fun Videos

Choose images from your iPhone or iPad camera roll or take some in the app. Easily organize them into a video slideshow.

Add Narration

Record your voice and tell the story behind your photos.

Interact with Your Photos

Tap to highlight an area of a photo, double tap to zoom in, or swipe to the next photo. All interactions are recorded.

iPad & iPhone

Compatible with all iOS devices. No iPad or iPhone is needed to watch videos.

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Great for Kids!

Simple and intuitive design so it’s easy to use at home and in the classroom.

Easy to Share

Share with family and friends via email, SMS or social networks. Or embed your slideshow on your website or blog.

Video Export

A .mp4 file is saved to your camera roll. Upload to YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram.

No Limits!

There is no time limit on the length of your slideshow and no limit on the number of photos you include.

FREE in the App Store! Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!


1. Select a few images


2. Record your story


3. Share with family & friends!

You Can Use Shadow Puppet to

Share an interesting experience from a
recent trip or weekend adventure.

Have kids describe something they’ve made
or done, and then send to Grandma!

Send a birthday greeting, get well card or
thinking-of-you note to a friend.

Quickly create PSA videos about an
important cause to share on social media.

Promote products for a small business, like
this book trailer made by an indie author.

Create custom lesson videos tailored to
the learning level of your students.

Simple and Intuitive on iPhone or iPad

Shadow Puppet works beautifully on all iOS devices. Create a Shadow Puppet account and your projects will automatically sync across multiple devices.

Don’t let your photos languish in your camera roll. Turn them into something great! It’s easy:

  • Select a few photos
  • Tell the story behind them
  • Share with family and friends

Creating and sharing beautiful stories from your photos is fast and fun! Voiceover narration makes your photo stories even more special.


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